What is the difference between the calligraphy scripts you offer?

Modern calligraphy script is more fun and whimsical, it is suitable for wedding themes that are light and bubbly. Think lunch at the sea side or afternoon receptions.

Copperplate calligraphy (my favorite) is a traditional form of script that is suited for a more formal sit-downs kind of wedding. Think candle light dinners and full course meal. Flourished copperplate is basically the same but just a little more embellished and romantic.

Either of these two script can be used in any part of your wedding stationery. It could be the couples names, the envelope address for guest, program guide , menu items, RSVP cards or place cards which is the most popular choice when couple hire me for.

With the difference in the structure and planning of the scripts comes the price difference. With copperplate calligraphy  and flourished copperplate calligraphy being more intricate as more planning is involved in the execution of the script. you can check out the different script through my Instagram page.

Do you have a price list?

Absolutely! Here is the current 2019 Xuecalligraphy Price List.

What kinds of ink do you offer?

You can choose from the standard black, walnut or white ink if your wedding envelope is darker in color. Another popular ink is definitely gold which incur an additional charge. Having said that, one of my greatest passion is to mix custom ink and if you do have a color that you desire, let me know! I'm more than happy to mix one up at a small fee $20 (AUD).

Why do I have to supply extra envelope?

As any printing services out there, there are always printing errors and mishaps that happens. Supplying additional envelopes is just to ensure any accident like ink smudge or splatters are anticipated. It would better to have some left than to run out and have trouble to find replacements! Not to mention more expensive! Have some extras for keepsake, framing or last minute guests inclusion.

As a rule of thumb, please supply at least 15% - 20%.

Can you write on any kinds of envelope or paper?

Yes and no. It depends on the different calligraphy script you choose, colour, and texture.

Not all paper are able to take the ink from the pointed pen. Before you book my service, its always safer to send a few copy to me so i can test the ink and the paper combination.

For heavily textured paper, I would suggest changing to brush pen calligraphy rather than pointed pen. Do note that brush pen calligraphy do not produce that same crisp, clean result as a pointed pen.

Dark envelopes require a different kind of set up to white envelope, therefore, due to the nature of the work that is involved, there will be an additional charge of $1 (AUD) per envelope for dark, textured, metallic or vellum paper.

Can you help us source our stationery?

Definitely! It can be a be stressful to DIY your own invites, but it can be fun too! I work with a number of paper goods suppliers which I can gladly tap into. Please note that there will be a small sourcing fee included.

How long does it take for my order to get process?

For wedding envelope address of 100, the processing time is around 3 - 4 weeks not including shipping. Bearing in mind that each project is different so the estimate time of delivery will vary accordingly. Ideally it is best to book with me at least 6 weeks prior to sending out the invites.

For place cards / escorts cards alone the processing time is around 2- 3 weeks.

For any other projects/ collaboration, please contact me directly.

What is a rush order?

Rush order by no means your wedding suite are created hastily, it just means your order is placed above priority against preceding orders. Please check with me for my availability before booking a rush order.

A 50% charge is applicable for those jobs scheduled over and above our normal working hours. Rush fees is applicable to shipping as well.

Do you offer computer-generated calligraphy?

I do not. All my works are a labour of love, delicately created by hand using only the finest inks and pen nibs.

What is the next step after I have booked your service?

Once you have placed a booking, you will receive a words/excels sheet in the mail from me. Input your guests names, salutation and address in the sheet and send it back. This is to ensure that the names and address is clear and properly proof read before you send to me and there are no discrepancies.

For place cards or escorts cards, it will be a similar format including table number.

Please note that the processing time starts only after I have received the compiled guests name in the file I have sent you.

Do you offer refunds?

As each piece of work is uniquely curated and written by hand to your specifications, it will be difficult to offer a refund. Which is why the pre-production consultation is so important to iron out any details!

If there is something that you are truly dissatisfied with regarding the quality of my work, please let me know, I always welcome feedback!I