My name is Xueling (pronounce: Sh-w-eh) is the first character of my Chinese name which means 'snow'. This is how xuecalligraphy is born.

My love for the art of calligraphy after endless days of admiring different penmanship and calligraphy script. It wasn't long before this obsession pushed me to attend my first pointed pen calligraphy workshop and since then there was a day without it.

I believe beauty is in its form. Which is why I carry the element of finest into all my calligraphy designs. 

I prefer to refer to myself as an artist than a calligrapher because designing a bespoke wedding invitation suite is so much more than just writing with a fancy pen.

I love working with couples to personalise their wedding stationery for their special wedding day. It's not merely about writing that perfect place card / escort card but to help them discover their unique love story. I love designing wedding invitation with that heirloom element of keepsake that they can so coyly share with their love ones.

To describe my perfect day, nothing would make it better than to be writing with ink stained hands on gorgeous pillow-y handmade cotton paper while JP Copper's September Song softly serenading in the background.

I am a nature lover. My partner Jordan and I reside in beautiful Brisbane, Australia where the beauty of nature is abundance. When I'm not buried in ink and paper, I can be found going for walks or hikes or practising yoga.